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Welcome to “Worlds in Motion” the site of Vanessa Mongey. This site contains various resources for teachers, researchers, and students. They are also available in French and Spanish. 

I work on the entangled histories of revolutions in the Atlantic World. My research notably engages with politics, race, and migration.

My interest in worlds and people in motion led to my first book, Rogue Revolutionaries: The Fight for Legitimacy in the Greater Caribbean. This book traces the lives of a diverse group of European, Afro-American and U.S. men who repeatedly tried to launch revolutions and create their own independent states. Rogue Revolutionaries won the Chinard prize from the Society of French Historical Studies.

You can find a digital companion to the book with the cast of characters, original sources, maps, and an archival research guide.  

Banner for the book Rogue Revolutionaries by Vanessa Mongey

My research has been featured in several publications, including Atlantic Studies and Law and History Review. Click on the Research page to learn more about my work on Atlantic world history, the Haitian Diaspora, and Black British history. 

My digital projects include Haitian Odysseys, a dynamic StoryMap illustrating the travels of a Haitian family in the 19th century, and Paths Across Waters, a collection of essays and images highlighting the contributions of Afro-Caribbean and African migrants to the North East of England.

I have extensive teaching experience and I am now a learning designer. You can find my portfolio on the Teaching page, including on the history of the Atlantic Slave Trade, the Haitian Revolution, and the Black Atlantic.

Feel free to learn more about me and get in touch via Bio & Contact

Monument celebrating the final battle between Haitian independents and the French imperial army. This led to the independence of Haiti, a crucial moment in the history of revolutions in the Atlantic world. Icon for the site of Vanessa Mongey
The word “Unité” from the Monument des Héros de la Bataille de Vertières near Cap Haitien, Haiti

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